Association “FEDERATION OF ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BALKANS & BLACK SEA AREA / FAFA / was founded in 2015, and so far has been characterized by great activity and respectively a number of implemented social activities aiming at social integration, including disadvantaged people. The activities of the Association are promoted to the general public in the most popular media, social networks and on its own website. The successful implementation of the activities shows sufficiently solid experience and effective management methods in organizing events, managing resources and people, motivating volunteers to a social cause, creating good practices, social innovation, achieving the goals set and transparent accountability. The Association has experience in creating a good environment for realizing the abilities of the experts and volunteers involved, as well as motivating them for sustainable effort in the same direction. The selection of experts and volunteers is based on the criteria of ethics, competence and commitment to the FAFA cause. Through the implemented activities the Association supports the adaptation and motivation of all participants in the process. The coordination of the activities and the distribution of the responsibilities in the team is done at a high level, in a timely and precise manner, which has guaranteed the success achieved so far.

In 2019  FAFA opened the first such full-time social center ” Special Academy”, that has a sports and social focus, which aims at the development of children and youth with mental and physical disabilities to succeed in high sport achievements. Classes in ” Special Academy” are daily, they include – athletics, swimming, football, volleyball, BOCCE, judo, as well as art, theater , music and botanical activities.

The social center is located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia , and in the future FAFA intends to open other similar centers in the Balkans. 30 children and youth study and do sport in the academy, among them are children and youth with mental and physical disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, Child Cerebral Paralysis, mental retardation and others . The users of the service are attested every three months and the changes in their development are observed. 15 specialists are employed in the Academy, such as psychologists, therapists, trainers in adapted physical activity, social workers and others.

Youth in ” Special Academy “

After reaching the age of 16, young people can start work for the organization as FAFA opened Social sweatshop, where they train working habits in a work environment that supports their professional realization under the guidance of professionals as their mentors.